Top Las Vegas Restaurants and Bars

There are some fantastic Las Vegas restaurants for people who like to be pampered and have a fine dining experience. The problem many people have is that there are just too many options and not enough time in their day to explore them all. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have a very good experience in Las Vegas with a full service restaurant and experience at a hotel if you know where to look.

In fact, some of the best Las Vegas restaurants are right off the main strip including Downtown Las Vegas, Spring Mountain, Henderson and Summerlin to name a few. Unfortunately, most of the better restaurants don’t have large, fancy decorated rooms. However, they still have a nice ambiance and you get great service. One of the restaurants that springs to mind is the Hidden Valley Hotel & Spa with its impressive outdoor pool and I mean outdoor – the view is pretty amazing and the service is excellent.

Also on the list of my favorites is the Silverton Resort and Spa with its beautiful pool and its relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. The Silverton is also a great place for a romantic dinner with you loved one. And if you are looking for a really nice place to eat, the Old Stone House is definitely a place you should check out. I have dined at this restaurant twice now and both times were superb. I love everything about it from the staff to the food and the overall experience.

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