What Is The Las Vegas Climate Like?

Las Vegas  photoWhat is the Las Vegas climate like? If you’re wondering this, then two things are safe assumptions. For starters, you’ve never been there. Secondly, you’re considering going there or maybe you already have a trip lined up. In any event, you want to know what the climate of Sin City has in store for you.

It’s good to know what the Las Vegas climate is like because it determines what activities you might do and what you should pack. If you’re going as a tourist at all, then you want to leave extra room in your bags for the clothes you might buy while there, be it t-shirts or nice threads at the upscale shopping the Strip can sometimes offer you. Still, the clothes you travel with have to meet your needs for being there as well as what kind of weather to expect.

Las Vegas strip photoFor starters, don’t expect a lot of humidity or precipitation. It does rain there, but not much. Snow is infrequent and light. Las Vegas really is a city in the desert, so the air is often very dry. It can also get really hot, particularly in the summer months, but even the winter air can be very dry. Still, a good jacket is a good idea. Even if you look up the winter temperatures and consider them warm compared to where you’re coming from, air that is dry and cold might be more cutting and bracing then you expect, so dress appropriately.

Las Vegas hotel photoFor that matter, you might want to cover up with light clothing even in the summer. The desert sun can beat down on you, dehydrating you and even burning you faster than you might ever imagine. As posh and comfortable as many Las Vegas hotel rooms might be, you don’t want to spend your time here recovering from a sunburn when you could be out doing whatever it is that draws you here. For some, that’s gambling. For others, it’s conventions and family reunions. Most everyone finds time to sneak in one of those famous shows though.

If you’re looking for a time of year that isn’t too hot or crowded, yet not freezing either, late winter and early spring aren’t bad, even if the city is as open for business as its summer peak. For that matter, if you want some time in the pool or just lounging by it, aim more for September than August. Most American schools are back in session by then, so there won’t be as many kids around.

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