Guide to the Best Shopping in the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the United States and there are some great places to shop in Las Vegas, including some great food destinations at the Paris Las Vegas Mall. The strip has some excellent shopping for anyone who enjoys what they are doing, but it also has some fabulous restaurants. Here is a quick overview of some of the restaurants and cafes in the mall, some of their specialty items and some of the best place to shop in the area.

First and foremost, the Paris Las Vegas Mall is home to the world famous La Habana Market on Fremont Street. This market, which has been open for over one hundred years, is one of the best shopping locations in Las Vegas. Many tourists from all over the world come to check out the unique clothing and fashion show that happens every Thursday night. The Paris Las Vegas Mall also happens to be one of the oldest shopping areas in Las Vegas, so you will find some of the original retro type stores here. There are many other great stores, boutiques, and specialty stores as well, so the entire city is covered with some high end shopping.

For something slightly out of the ordinary, the Las Vegas Strip has a number of little shops that cater to people who enjoy the feel of old Hollywood glamour. Many of these shops feature dresses from the nineteen eighties and have been decorated in a kitsch way to make people feel like they are in an exotic part of the world. In addition to the shops on the strip, there are also some great little boutique style shops on the outskirts of the mall, which offer a much more eclectic variety of goods and are great places to visit if you are looking for unique gifts or even just a fun filled day at the mall.

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